SP1107.04 : Cảm biến áp suất cho máy đúc - PT465XL - Dynisco
Thông số chính :
Cảm biến áp suất cho máy đúc - PT465XL - Dynisco - Injection molding.
Hãng cung cấp : DYNISCO
Model : PT465XL
Chất lượng : Bảo hành 18 tháng
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Features and Benefits:

- 1" flex bend radius.

- Inconel 718 diaphragm.

- Free spinning jam nut.

- Better than ±0.5% accuracy.

- Up to 750°F (400°C) melt temperatures.

The PT465XL measures polymer melt pressure in an injection molding machine nozzle or a hot runner. A protective flexible armored cable extends from its electronic housing to the tip for unmatched strength and increased life. Located in the nozzle, the PT465XL provides a very accurate measurement of the pressure of the plastic melt entering the mold.

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