SP0601.24 : Cảm biến áp suất dạng nóng chảy - MRT 460 | 462 | 463 - Dynisco
Thông số chính :
Cảm biến áp suất dạng nóng chảy - MRT 460 | 462 | 463 - Dynisco - Multiple Range Melt Pressure Sensors.
Hãng cung cấp : DYNISCO
Model : MRT 460 | 462 | 463
Chất lượng : Bảo hành 18 tháng
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Features and Benefits:

- Accuracy of better than ±1.0%

- Four user selectable pressure ranges in one model

- Externally selectable range via rotary switch process conditions

- 3.33 mV/V FSO for selected range

- Internal 80% shunt calibration

- All stainless steel wetted parts

- Proven sensor design.

Now, users can select from among four pressure ranges on one transducer with the new Dynisco MRT, the first multi - range pressure transducer. By simply turning a rotary switch via an access pot on the transducer, four potential pressure ranges can be selected. The transducer can be ordered so that the equivalent psi, bar, Kg/cm2 or MPa ranges can be chosen. This revolutionary melt pressure transducer offers maximum versatility to handle changing process conditions and materials.

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