SP0601.18 : Bộ cảm biến áp suất dạng nóng chảy - PT462E-M10 - Dynisco
Thông số chính :
Bộ cảm biến áp suất dạng nóng chảy - PT462E-M10 - Dynisco - Melt Pressure Transducers.
Hãng cung cấp : DYNISCO
Model : PT462E-M10
Chất lượng : Bảo hành 18 tháng
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Features and Benefits:

- 6 mm sensing diaphragm

- 3.33 mV/V full scale output

- Accuracy of better than ±1%

- Pressure ranges from 0 - 5,000 psi to 0 - 10,000 psi

- Good stability and repeatability

- Flexible stem offers greater thermal isolation and mounting ease

- Internal 80% shunt calibration

- CE approved.

Dynisco''s™ PT462E-M10 melt pressure transducer utilizes a small 6mm sensing diaphragm for space restricted areas making it the ideal choice for small extruders and rheometers. The PT462E-M10 provides simple installation, high accuracy (1%), repeatability and reliability. Standard transducers are supplied with a DyMax coated diaphragm for increased wear resistance and longevity. A 6-pin bendix-style connector is used for easy connect and disconnect.

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